About Me


I am a nutritionist from Ontario, Canada specializing in plant-based nutrition, weight loss, correction of nutrient deficiencies and low energy, as well as specialized nutrition for high performance and professional athletes.  I believe in a diet that is simple, pure, delicious, environmentally friendly, and accessible to everyone. Changing our eating habits is often simultaneously one of the most difficult and rewarding changes we can make to enhance our everyday lives, and I hope to motivate others to make this change for themselves. I have been following a plant-based diet for nearly ten years and my practice is centred around helping others thrive by adopting a more plant-centric way of eating.

After graduating from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario, I traveled to Central America and moved to Costa Rica for a short time. I had the incredible opportunity to work in an organic food market where I was inspired by the role pure, healthy food and proper nutrition played in transforming people’s lives and bringing communities together. I met some truly amazing individuals who had seemingly perfected the art of healthy eating, using nothing but simple ingredients. This life-changing experience further motivated me to pursue a career in health and nutrition, and help others to find this balance in their own lives. This led me to the next part of my journey, at the University of Westminster in London, UK. I received training in statistics, epidemiology, research methods, nutritional assessment, health promotion and behaviour change, concepts and principles of nutrition, public health and policy, as well as the prevention and treatment of obesity of children. I received my MSc in November 2014, and was given the award of Student of the Year. I began my private practice in 2015 and have been working one-on-one with clients all over the world, from all sorts of health backgrounds, ever since. I have personally seen the ways that a diet centred around plant foods has transformed the lives of many, allowing them to take charge of their health and in many cases reverse various diseases and ailments. 


Master Of Science (MSc) - University of Westminster, London UK

Bachelor of Arts (BAH) - Queen's University, Kingston Ontario Canada

Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate 

Raw Food Educator Certificate 

Registered with the Association for Nutrition (AfN)

Childhood Nutrition Certificate

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